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If you are completely new to fantasy football you have come to the right place. Our intention at Fantasy Football Portal is to introduce you to the basics of fantasy football by providing a learning environment that allows you to proceed at your own pace.

If you have some familiarity with fantasy football concepts feel free to select the appropriate section so that you can continue to discover more about this incredible game.

A Beginner’s Guide

Fantasy Football Portal - Fantasy Football Show

We’ll provide you with a brief overview of the history of fantasy football before getting you started on what fantasy football is all about with our step by step guides.

Video Demos

Fantasy Football Portal - Video Demo

Sometimes it’s easier to comprehend something with visuals so we’ve added some demos that provide a lobby walk-through as well as taking in the team selection process itself.

 Podcast Tutorials

Fantasy Football Portal - Daniel Sturridge

If you’re a regular visitor to the gym or just have plenty of spare time on your hands then our audio podcasts section might be the place for you. Simply listen and learn in your own time.

Beginner’s Library

Fantasy Football Portal - Learn More

We’ve added a number of related posts that we feel might enhance your learning process as a fantasy football beginner, one of which includes a fantasy football dictionary that explains many of the terms relating to this great game.