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Double gameweek

A double gameweek is when your stars have two fixtures to play during a gameweek.

For example, if you have an Arsenal player and they are due to play Watford and Stoke City, this would be a double gameweek for Arsenal.

The double gameweek (DGW) is one of the most exciting times in fantasy football games, with the chance to rack up a huge number of points.

DGWs tend to come around two or perhaps three times a season and they are a massive opportunity to post a big score and compete on leaderboards for big cash prizes.

In seasonal fantasy football, a big DGW score can make all the difference in your leagues, propelling you up the table from also-rans to title contenders.

Seasonal fantasy football DGWs also require some planning ahead if you want to avoid spending points on transfers, unless you have been patient enough to keep a wildcard back.

DGWs in daily fantasy football offer the chance to compete over a longer period of time than usual, offering another type of test for your team-picking abilities.

When competing in a DGW in fantasy football games it is more important than ever to check the fixture list of your chosen tournament closely.

Just because a player is in action twice in a DGW does not necessarily make them a better option than a footballer who only has one game.

For example, if someone you have your eye on as a possible starter for your team has two tough away games in the DGW, it might actually be a better idea to select a player who has just one winnable game instead, especially if it is at home.

If you are playing seasonal fantasy football on the Fantasy Premier League game, a DGW could also be the ideal opportunity for players to use one of their bonus chips, for instance triple captain or bench boost.

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