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Know your team news – how to become an authority on daily fantasy football

When you place a bet on daily fantasy football I think it is fair to say that the end user engagement entertainment levels are much higher than for traditional wagers. The reason for this is that when hand-picking your selections you develop a sense of togetherness with the players you draft. This gives a consumer terrific value for money even if it’s only a small outlay. The process can start days or weeks before the contest gets under way which really gives a level of customer interaction that is unparalleled. So where do you start?

First up, it’s all about resources. Good sources is the key here. Keep a close eye on suspension and injury tables for all leagues that you follow. You need to build up your own list of websites that you TRUST. This goes for match previews as well. The more knowlegeable newspapers usually have decent previews with projected line-ups 24 hours or so before the game. Weed out the wheat from the chaff so that you’re bang in the picture regarding likely starters and those players that might be 50-50 who you might have been considering for inclusion in your team.. Part of the fun is working out which ones are more of an authority yourself. However, if you are struggling and need some advice feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Club websites and club and players personal twitter feeds are worth a glance as well to make sure you haven’t missed anything. On match day listen in to sports radio and TV channels and keep an eye on news feeds for late news on any players that might not travel. There are also some terrific free apps available these days which give real-time updates on injuries and suspensions so don’t miss out on those!

Some other things to watch out for:

  • The suspension tightrope. Players who are one card away from a ban. You must be aware of upcoming fixtures. Many players will take a ‘soft’ card to sit out an innocuous fixture to free themselves up for a more important game. Check this trend out for the El Clasico next time it’s coming up. Including these guys in your team a couple of weeks before such fixtures could mean unnecessary negative points.
  • Likewise, you need to think like a manager. Don’t get stuck with players who get rotated a lot especially for league games immediately before or after key Champions League fixtures. This is particularly important when you enter a contest where the kick-off times are staggered. Many sites don’t allow for ‘late swap’ functionality meaning once the first game in the contest gets under way your squad will be fixed.

Whatever your reasons for playing, whether it be bragging rights with your friends, leaderboard recognition or the monetary gains on offer, keeping up to date with all developing team news will give you the best chance of success!

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