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What is Buabook ? Described as a cross between fantasy football and stock market trading, Buabook allows you to place a trade on how well a player will perform.   ….

Blank Gameweeks

What is a blank gameweek ? A ‘blank gameweek’ is a term that is commonly used to describe an event that happens in season-long fantasy football such as the Official ….

Bonus Points

What are fantasy football bonus points? In some game formats, fantasy football bonus points are additional points that are generally allocated to the three best performing players in each match. ….


Bet4theBest is one of the most interesting daily fantasy sports operators on the market. Users can select players from teams in competitions including the Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Serie ….

Bench Players

While in some fantasy football games you only need to pick 11 players to make up your chosen team, daily fantasy football providers are increasingly offering users the opportunity to ….


A bargain means a player is priced much lower than their recent fantasy performances deserve. Due to the fact that the majority fantasy football sites do not change their prices ….

Basic scoring

Basic scoring is the method by which your daily fantasy football team is allocated points. Every fantasy football site has its own unique basic scoring system, but for the vast ….


Bankroll is one of the most important terms in fantasy football – this means how much money you have available to play on daily fantasy football games at any one ….

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