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What is Fanto? Fanto aim to be the one stop shop for ALL of your fantasy sports’ needs. Where many sites are focusing solely on fantasy football, Fanto let their ….

Fantasy Football Tips

What are fantasy football tips ? Fantasy football tips generally fall into one of two categories and have nothing to do with the common use of the term ‘tips’ that ….


What is the FPL Cup? The FPL CUP is a competition that runs in conjunction with the Official Fantasy Premier League game. It begins in Gameweek 17 and there are ….

Fixture Difficulty

Fixture Difficulty Rank Fixture Difficulty Rank or FDR is a term used on the Official Fantasy Premier League game. Each player is colour-coded for an upcoming gameweek so that you ….


Football Fanager is about to relaunch as Fanager in time for the Euro 2016 Finals. Top leagues across Europe are expected to be available to play at Fanager, including the ….


What is FanDuel? FanDuel is one of the biggest names in the world of daily fantasy football – and now it is coming to the UK to offer football fans ….


Floor, as you might well expect, is the opposite of ceiling when used in fantasy football discussion. While ceiling is the highest number of points you can expect a player ….


What is a Daily Fantasy Football freeroll contest? Freeroll contests are a great place to start for anyone who is new to daily fantasy football games. Put simply, a freeroll ….


Fantasy points per game – or FPPG for short – is one of the key stats used in fantasy football. FPPG gives you a clear idea of how many points ….

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