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Sweat is a common fantasy football term that arises in the latter stages of any given contest. If a fantasy football user is in the top few places on a ….


To stack a daily fantasy football team means to have a number of different players from the same team in your lineup, usually because you are expecting them to have ….


A stud is a genuine fantasy football superstar who is virtually a must-pick player for his position. While the term can often be overused in the world of daily fantasy ….


What is a Fantasy Football Sleeper ? Sleeper is a term that is mostly used in connection with the NFL draft and relates to a footballer who is expected to ….


Scoring is how your fantasy football picks earn points for your team, helping you to compete to win big cash prizes in daily fantasy games. Each daily fantasy football site ….

Salary Cap

When you enter a daily fantasy football contest you will be taken to the team selection screen, where you will be given a salary cap – or budget – to ….


A ‘slate’ refers to the set of games that make up a daily fantasy sports contest but it’s important to make the distinction between gameweek and slate. Anybody who has ….

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